शनिबार, मंसिर १६, २०८०

RSS with lawmaker: Lawmakers incompetent to deliver, argues Chair KC

मेरोन्यूज २०८० असोज ९ गते १२:४४

“The harrowing fact at present is: major political parties’ character and behaviour have caused disappointment and discontent among people towards the loktantra and republic which we got with hard struggles.” It is what Chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha, Chitra Bahadur KC, asserts.

He blames incompetence of lawmakers behind delayed and slack implementation of constitution and federalism. The nature and activities of the major political parties have prompted people to seek alternative, according to KC. A mature politician, KC expressed worry, “One year passed since the general election, but a single Act is not formulated.

How shameful it is for us to show face to the people, to the voters!” It is not the incompetence of parliament, but of parliamentarians, he reminded. KC further said parliamentarians are bound to escape their visibility from voters by hiding in city. Talking to Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), Chairman KC viewed lawmakers’ major responsibility is to make law and policies, and amend the laws as per relevance and timeliness.

However, voters regard lawmakers also as the persons responsible for development works, he added. According to him, it is ironical that the lawmakers run from pillars to post- from ministers’ chambers to employees’ rooms demanding ‘development’ instead of getting busy in parliament to debate bills and regulation and prepare Acts.

Also the former Minister for Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, KC said the voters demand taps, road, school building, canal, and embankment on the other hand. It has shadowed the duty and responsibility of lawmakers.

“Voters demand gabion wire to control landslip in terraces. It is our weakness that we are unable to convince them about our role and responsibility as lawmakers,” KC shared, adding that rather than meeting local and province representatives, they directly call and complain federal lawmakers.

He however admits it is right on the part of people because lawmakers promise much to voters before election. Chairman KC argues that election was becoming costly because of parliamentary development fund.

“If the political leaders and lawmakers had carried out development and policies in a right manner, Nepal would not have faced such exodus of youths for foreign jobs. We have nature of talking much and delivering little. We need correction,” KC emphasized.

He also vehemently criticizes lawmakers’ role on forming and breaking alliance and conspiring to topple government for partisan interest. It is proved with the fact that it took seven months and more to prepare the regulations of parliamentary committees which had to be prepared within 15 days.