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Insurance policy as anniversary gift

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Nawalpur. Insurance awareness is on the rise lately, with many opting to present it as a gift to their loved ones.

Stationery entrepreneur Lekharam Sapkota gifted life insurance coverage as a gift to his wife, Sirisha Sapkota on the occasion of their marriage anniversary.

“I decided to cut down the anniversary party expenses and instead gift insurance coverage to my wife,” Lekharam said. Lekharam also said he decided to not follow the increasing trend of people spending extravagantly in social functions like birthday and anniversary.

A resident of Gaindakot-7 in Nawalparasi district, Sapkota runs the ‘Sampurna Pustak, a book shop at Gaindakot-7.

Insurance coverage is not only ensuring little savings from your earning, but also an assurance for any unprecedented incident in the future, Sapkota said.


Likewise, Aarti Sharma of Madhyabindu municipality-3, received a life insurance policy coverage as a gift on her birthday.

Her family members gave the policy papers as a ‘surprise gift’ on her birthday party.

“I just wanted it to be a happy gathering of my family members, but to my surprise they gifted me an insurance coverage, which made me very happy,” Sharma said.

The 24-year-old received the coverage under ‘life care scheme’ of Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Company that also provided coverage to her three and half months old daughter.

The insurance is for the next 20 years, and provides surety for her daughter until she is 20 years old.

There is an increasing trend of people buying insurance schemes as a gift for their loved ones on special occasions, said branch manager of Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Company Limited, Raju Thapa.

More than 10 such schemes were procured from the Company to be provided as a gift in the previous fiscal year.

Attraction towards insurance scheme is increasing due to the assurances it provides to people’s life, along with surety of protection from financial losses in the future, Thapa said. (RSS)