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6 local levels in Solukhumbu table their FY budget

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ असार १२ गते ७:११

Solukhumbu. Six of the eight local levels in Solukhumbu district have presented their budget including policy and programmes for the new fiscal year.

Solududhkunda municipality and Thulungdhundkoshi, Nechasalyan, Sotang, Mahakulung and Khumbu Pasanglhamu rural municipalities made their budget public on Thursday.

Mapyadudhkoshi and Likhupike rural municipalities have not been able to present their budget for the fiscal year 2021/22 citing lack of preparation.

The only municipality in the district, Solududhkunda municipality has approved a budget of Rs. 590.3 million while Thulungdudhkoshi, the largest rural municipality in the district, has passed a budget of Rs. 466.2 million.

Likewise, the Sotang rural municipality presented a budget of Rs. 352.9 million while Nechasalyan rural municipality approved a budget of Rs. 471.8 million.

The Khumbu Pasanglahmu rural municipality approved a budget of Rs. 374.7 million for the new fiscal year. Mahakulung rural municipality endorsed a budget of Rs. 316 million.

The budget was presented before the village assembly on Thursday and endorsed on Friday, said the spokesperson of the rural municipality Subhadhani Kulung.

Meanwhile, the eight local levels of the Solukhumbu have been allocated Rs. 354.5 million funds from the provincial government for the new fiscal year. (RSS)