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NEPSE records highest trading of Rs 14.76 billion

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ जेठ १३ गते १९:३८

Kathmandu : Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has made the highest trading record of 14.76 billion on Thursday. According to NEPSE, the share market witnessed the highest amount of per-day transactions though the NEPSE index decreased by 1.2 points and closed at 2,815.39.

The sensitive index decreased by 0.28 points to 503.7. On Thursday, more than 41.81 unit shares of 215 companies were traded. After the trading of the share today, the market capitalization has reached Rs 39.67 billion. Of the 13 sub-categories, seven sub-categories managed to gain while six others lost in the trading. On the basis of trading, Api Power Company had the highest amount of trading with Rs 432.8 million.

Likewise, the investors of Khani Khola Hydropower, Nepal Hydro and United Modi earned equal 10 per cent in the share trading.