आइतबार, असार ९, २०८१

People forced to drink polluted river water

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ वैशाख ११ गते ७:५३

Myagdi. Drying up of water source has forced the residents of Aula in Annapurna rural municipality to drink water from the local river.


The source of the water supplied by the Aula drinking water and sanitation project has dried up. The project was established 23 years ago.

“As a result, some 900 members of 43 households and the students of the local Mandali basic school have been deprived of safe drinking water,” said the users committee chair Dil Prasad Fagaami.

We are now drinking water from the local level. It’s been four months that the water source at a place called Kholakai has dried up.

After the water source dried up, water from the Sansare river has been stored in the reserve tank. However, the water from the river is polluted and contaminated, said local resident Ranjita Pun.

Likewise, the students in the Mandali basic school have also been deprived of drinking water in school.

Effort is being made to find a long-term solution by building a new project, said ward no. 7 chair of the rural municipality, Gam Bahadur Fagaami. Budget is being allocated for the project in the new fiscal year. (RSS)