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‘Chikitsa Shabdasagar’ released

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Kathmandu : A book entitled ‘Chikitsa Shabdasagar (Medical Dictionary)’ was released amidst a programme on Wednesday.


The lexicon book penned by Dr Bipin Nepal, Binaya Kumar Sharma, Prakash Mani Dahal and Dr Kamal Lamsal was jointly launched by Dean of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Dr Divya Singh, Prof Dr Rajendra Koju and Dr Mohan Krishna Shrestha.

On the occasion, Dr Singh said that the medical dictionary would enrich users’ understanding of medical science. “It was a new and spectacular achievement in the field of language”, she added. Dean of the Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences Prof Dr Koju said the dictionary has made the definition of English Medical terminologies easy to understand in Nepali.

Member-Secretary of the Nepal Health Professionals Council Dr Shrestha expressed his confidence that the new publication would help more than 150,000 registered health workers and beyond to comprehend the technical terms and terminologies of medical science.

The 1,920-page ‘Chikitsa Shabdasagar’ was prepared in eight years, Dr Bipin Nepal told RSS. It contains over 50,000 terminologies related to medicine, nursing and health It is in English-English-Nepali form