मंगलबार, जेठ ८, २०८१

Three local levels announced fully literate

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ वैशाख ५ गते ७:५८

Solukhumbu. Three local levels of the district have been announced fully literate.


The latest to join the fully literate club of the district is Thulung Dudhkoshi rural municipality.

At a function held at Mukli on Saturday, the Thulung Dudhkoshi rural municipality was announced fully literate, according to spokesperson Bhupal Singh Rai.

A total of 98.5 per cent of the residents of the rural municipality have become literate.

The rural municipality had recently run a literacy campaign targeting 916 persons between 16 to 60 years old. Of them, 902 became literate, said the rural municipality Chair Asim Rai.

Teachers, local citizens, students and people’s representatives played an important role in making the literacy campaign successful.

As per the 2011 population census, Thulung Dudhkoshi had 19,672 residents, which is believed to have become 22,375.

Earlier, Necha Salyan rural municipality had been announced fully literate last Tuesday. Two days later, the Solududhkunda municipality was also announced fully literate. (RSS)