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Education Ministry urges educational institutions to run classes alternatively

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ वैशाख ३ गते १९:४८

Kathmandu : The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has urged educational institutions across the country to run classes adopting alternative measures.

In view of increasing Covid-19 cases, it also directed the concerned authorities not to organise any assembly and gathering on the premises of educational institutions and follow the guidelines related to school operation, 2077 BS issued by the Ministry to run classes.

Education minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha at a meeting on Friday has urged all educational institutions to adhere to the health safety protocol in operating classes. The educational institutions affected by the infection may be shut completely acting on a decision of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre, he said.

Education Secretary Ram Prasad Thapaliya viewed that local levels should be granted authority to take a decision in closing down or operating schools in view of the infection. He urged adherence of the health protocol strictly. Science and Technology Secretary Dr Sanjaya Sharma said running class on alternative basis is possible in the present situation. He said that schools should be serious and aware as the infection has affected mostly people below 18.

Meanwhile, the Ministry in a statement has informed that local levels have been provided authority to take a decision in continuing with or shutting classes amid the infection. The Ministry’s spokesperson Dipak Sharma has asked the concerned authority and schools to cooperate with local levels in the precarious condition of late. He also urged one and all to follow health safety protocol and other precautious measures set forth by the Provincial Government and local levels and also use facemasks and sanitizers and wash hands to be safe from the virus.