बिहीबार, वैशाख १३, २०८१

Parliamentary committee endorses report recommending reproductive right to women inmates

मेरोन्यूज २०७८ वैशाख ३ गते ६:५८

Kathmandu. The House of Representatives Committee on State Affairs and Good Governance has endorsed the report on amendment and integration of laws relating to prison.

The meeting of the committee held in Singha Durbar approved the report on Thursday, recommending the reproductive rights to the women inmates.

Similarly, province government could be given authority on prison management. The report further recommended to not handcuff the inmates while staying in prison, documenting his/her statement, and furnishing views before court.

If any prisoner is sexually harassed by another prisoner, the oppressor one would be slapped with two more years’ imprisonment or fined up to Rs 20,000, or both.

Chairperson of the State Affairs Committee, Sashi Shrestha, viewed that those involved in gang rape and rape of children could not be condoned at all. (RSS)