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Boer goats distributed to Chepang people for income generation

मेरोन्यूज २०७७ चैत ११ गते ९:१४

Muglin, March 24 (RSS):


In order to support Chepang people to enhance their income level, the goats of improved breed have been distributed. Sapana Village Social Impact of Sauraha, Chitwan and Ichhakamana rural municipality jointly distributed the male goats of boer species to the Chepang people of Ichhakamana, ward-1 and Kalingdanda on Tuesday.

The Impact which has implemented a project ‘All journey starts from a dream’ distributed goats to help increase the income level of underrepresented Chepang population The male goats of improved breed was distributed with 30 percent investment of the rural municipality and 70 percent of the Impact. A total of 22 goats were distributed to 11 groups of Chepang under the project. Two goats were distributed to each group.

Amidst a programme organized at Chepang settlement, Ichhakamana rural municipality chair Geeta Kumari Gurung and Impact Chair Dhruba Giri jointly handed over the male goats to the group leaders. Chair Gurung said the rural municipality has prepared a work procedure for the socio-economic development of Chepang community and the improved breed goats were distributed to the Chepang community in collaboration with Sapana Village Social Impact as per the procedure.

Various income-generating activities have been operated in the rural municipality to enable the Chepang community people to eke out their livelihood by doing something on their own, Gurung said. On the occasion, Impact chair Giri said the measures for economic enhancement of the Chepang people have been put in place as part of the project. Saplings of different species of fruits were already distributed in the area, Giri added.